You love your car. You take pride in your car. You need your car for work, business, and day-to-day life. But when problems arise, it’s often a painful experience dealing with service providers.

Ijeoma Collins tells of her motivation on her job as linked to the opportunity, fairness, support and sense of belonging she finds being a staff member of the AutoNation family. For these reasons, she takes pride in her work as a Sales Executive. She adds that, a purchase decision on a car is dear to clients, which leaves them, not just in want of a showroom to shop for a car, but one provides a partnership with honest people that can be trusted.

Ijeoma is a young vibrant lady with over seven (7) years corporate level experience spanning from roles as Customer Service, Business Development & Strategy and Car Sales. She has a B.A. in English and a Diploma Certificate in IATA/UFTAA Travels & Tourism. She has attended relevant trainings both locally and at the International level. Her professional career commenced with Colka Nigeria Limited, Future View Financial Services Limited and Kunech Investment.

As part of the strong Sales team of AutoNation, Ijeoma is actively working on the smooth performance of sales contracts with existing clients while presenting our International standard offerings to prospective clients. You will likely find Ijeoma and her team visiting your corporate office, extending a long-term relationship of care and trust with your Purchasing Manager, Fleet Manager or other decision makers towards closing a win-win sales deal.

Ijeoma Collins – Driving Delight for AutoNation since 2013.