You love your car. You take pride in your car. You need your car for work, business, and day-to-day life. But when problems arise, it’s often a painful experience dealing with service providers.

AutoNation is a one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. From fixing a persistant mechanical issue to an unexpected breakdown, a simple oil change to a fully scheduled programme of preventative maintenance, simple collision repairs to full body restoration, valeting and detailing – we know how to get the job done right, first time, everytime.

Our offering is the most comprehensive automotive service you will find across the continent. All these services available through one convenient automotive partner:

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Here are some of the features you can expect from all our offerings:

We’re proactive, not reactive

Through our preventative maintenance programmes, AutoNation actually reduce the number of problems you will experience with your car, or fleet of vehicles.

We’re flexible

All AutoNation sites offer a drive-in, ‘while you wait’ diagnosis & scheduled maintenance service. We have extended working hours so you can pick your vehicle up after work, so no disruption to your work. We work on weekends and evenings – so commercial vehicles are off the road less during working hours. And soon we will even be working round the clock – 24 hours from mid 2014.

We’re mobile

Many companies need mobile service – no time to visit a service centre or have their car off the road. Getting a car to the garage might mean 1 hour of downtime – and that is simply not good for business. As well as the regular breakdown service you would expect, AutoNation can also offer our corporate clients a bespoke mobile service. Take this leading brewery as an example >

We’re technically excellent

AutoNation invest in people. We invest in skills. And we invest in systems. Our training programmes are amongst the best you will find anywhere in the world. Our structured processes ensure nothing is missed. And we always ensure availability of the best parts, tooling & equipment for every job. At AutoNation, no job is beyond our capability.

We’re fast

With AutoNation’s leading-edge technology, a significantly damaged vehicle could be in and out within half a day – and completely restored to the manufacturers standard.

We’re smart

Where some service providers would repaint a damaged area unnecessarily – lowering your cars value and making it less desirable – we use our Smart Repair facility, your car may not even need a re-paint. We can fix the area in question in the most efficient way possible. And retain your cars value at the same time.

We’re transparent

Not only do we operate with the highest level of integrity, we show it too. You can even watch us while we work, through glass wall to our workshop, while you enjoy our comfy customer lounge and café. You can even work while you wait with our complimentary wifi. Watch the tele or read the newspapers – while your car is being carefully nurtured in the workshop.

We’re prepared

AutoNation has plenty of capacity to service many vehicles at once. Up to 30 vehicles per day can come in and out at each of our sites, and our capacity is still growing.

We’re honourable

We are completely confident in our ability to deliver on our promise. So all our services come with a flexible guarantee – 12 months on all spare parts as well as our workmanship.

Whilst all these features alone make us second to no other, they are not what makes us truly special. What we do is the easy bit, it’s second nature to us. It’s how we do it that truly makes a difference.

CARE – It's how we do everything we do >