AutoNation’s Five Star automotive service is quite simply a breath of fresh air for car owners and fleet managers frustrated with the typical poor standards of automotive service providers.

Automotive service providers generally do not have a great reputation. Particularly in Africa where it’s hard to find someone operating with your best interests at heart.

AutoNation know that you, and most other vehicle owners and drivers, are simply sick of dealing with people they do not and can not trust. You take your vehicle in for one thing, and get it back with something completely different ‘fixed’. In fact, 70 – 80% of the time, customers needs are never met by service providers.

Why? Among other things, it’s what we call a lack of ‘diagnosis capability’ that leads to service providers fixing what they believe is causing a problem, but is not actually what you went in for.

Unfortunately it’s the result of a poor chain of decision making, that means you are left with footing the bill for something you never anticipated, and sometimes not even informed about. It’s frustrating when your expectations are not met, and there is no explanation why.

At AutoNation we completely understand this is cycle of communication and process breakdown. There are just too many people between you and the guy who is actually doing the work. And that leads to an ineffective diagnosis of the problem and ultimately – your dissatisfaction and frustration.

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