AutoNation’s Five Star automotive service is quite simply a breath of fresh air for car owners and fleet managers frustrated with the typical poor standards of automotive service providers.

As a vehicle owner, or a fleet manager, you need someone you can trust, to support you in taking care of your vehicles. Someone who takes as much pride in your car as you do, for all the right reasons.

From a persistant mechanical issue to an unexpected breakdown, a simple oil change to a fully scheduled programme of regular maintenance, simple collision repairs to full body restoration, valeting and detailing – you need a service provider who will get the job done right, first time, in good time.

You need your car back on the road in tip-top shape where it is supposed to be, in as short a timeframe as possible. Every hour your car spends off the road is a frustration for car owners and a negative impact on business.

But the problem is knowing who to trust with your vehicle, when you need this support. Who can you rely on to solve the problem you have been experiencing, and solve it fast? To repair exactly what needs repairing? To return your car in the condition you expect it? To act with complete honesty and integrity?

That is where AutoNation come in

The challenges you typically face with automotive service providers >