AutoNation’s Five Star automotive service is quite simply a breath of fresh air for car owners and fleet managers frustrated with the typical poor standards of automotive service providers.

A leading brewery faced a typical business requirement – they needed keep as much of their fleet of vehicles on the road, in tip-top condition and for as long as possible, to ensure their customers remain happy, receiving their deliveries on time, everytime.

But cars have problems. It’s a fact of life. And the longer a vehicle is out of action, the bigger the impact on a business.

AutoNation had the solution for the brewery. We set up an operation on their premises, and a service team to go in over the weekends and conduct the necessary work. We scheduled a programme of regular ‘preventative’ maintenance to ensure the brewery’s vehicles remained on the road as long as possible, serving their customers without any problems.

We saved them manpower, we saved them time. We saved them money and increased their customer satisfaction. With no disruption to their business whatsoever, the leading brewery happily continue their operations, confidently knowing their fleet is in the best hands to keep their cars on the road, and keep their customers thirst quenched!.

AutoNation – driving delight for a leading brewery since 2013